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The selfish love of money and the selfless blessing of money


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John Piper gives fives ways:

  1. I study to see and savor the supreme value of Jesus above all earthly things.
  2. I pray that this would free me from the love of money.
  3. I trust in God’s promises for every need to be met (for my family and the church)
  4. I set aside electronically our regular gift to the church, and then add spontaneous gifts in the worship services.
  5. Finally, I put protections in place against bigger barns and I turn the prosperity of my fields into blessings for others.

Read the rest to see his helpful explanations.

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Racial Reconciliation and the Image of God


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This past Sunday, Zach Nielsen shared in his message on racial reconciliation that there are no grounds for racial superiority, because all men and women of all races and ethnicities are each created in the image and likeness of God.

Kim Riddlebarger, pastor at Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, explores in more detail the deeper implications of what it means to be an "image-bearer" of God:

Because all men and women are divine image-bearers we are truly like God, and we possess all of the so-called communicable attributes of God–albeit in creaturely form and measure. This is what constitutes us as “human” beings, distinct from and superior in moral and rational capabilities to the animal kingdom. In fact, the creation of Adam and Eve marks the high point of the creation account (Genesis 1:28-31), as God pronounced the first man Adam to be “very good.”

The ramifications of the fact that we are divine image bearers are multifaceted and profound…

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The Story of God - Video


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